A great makeup brush cleaner

My make-up brushes were looking a bit worn and were the colour of my makeup. I use a lot of Real Techniques brushes so googled to see if they had a brush cleaner.
I found that they did a gel cleaner (I was looking for a spray) but it was priced around £6-£7.50 so purchased this from Boots.
I have previously used baby shampoo however the bristles ended up being really soft afterwards and didn’t look that much cleaner.
The directions are to just wet your brushes in warm water and then squirt the gel on and move in a circular motion in your hand. I do have a brush egg but forgot to try it with this so I tried my bronzer brush first – this was the most coloured – and literally within 10 seconds all of the residue of make up had run out of the bristles and it was back to the original colour it was when I purchased it. I was amazed!
I did this with the rest which was my blending brush, foundation brush, powder brush and my Real Techniques beauty blender.
The rest of my brushes looked brand new. I rinsed them twice as this was a gel so didn’t want them to dry stiff with any residue on them.
The beauty blender didn’t come out sparkling but I don’t think they ever do. I purchase these quite regularly as they get stained with the first use.
For the cost of this product it was so good. The bottle is large so will last a very long time. I was so pleased with my purchase!

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