Bondi Sands, the Australian Tan!

Does Instagram make you want to try all the products that are advertised? All of the perfect filtered people with their perfect application of masks, tans and eye glitters.


This time I gave in. To fake tan. I have an amazing spray tan lady but for those times that I just need a nice glow of colour or a last minute night out I struggle with application.


The brown lotion that you squeeze from a tube or a bottle makes me panic.  So after a lot of Instagram stalking I purchased the Bondi Beach mouse.


When it arrived the bottle was quite big which is always a good sign this will last you more than a month.


So I bought my usual tanning mitt (poundshop special) with the glove inside (nobody likes brown fingers) shook the bottle and pumped some onto the mitt.


A lot of fake tans smell like warm digestive biscuits but this had a really nice coconut smell. I put this on my legs first, the colour was very visible – I had purchased the dark one as I like to know I have tan on – and it blended in like a brown moisturiser.  The colour as it came out was a nice colour. It does say that it develops after an hour or 2  but I always sleep in mine.

After I had put the tan all over including my face it took about 10 minutes to dry. To speed this up I use the hair dryer J


Next morning when I got up I looked like I had been on holiday. The colour was really nice and the smell was still ok! – I could have gone to work without a shower –


I got into the shower and it looked like the colour had faded quite a bit but over the next few days I looked nice and tanned. It was still developing everyday.


With this tan I think you could easily apply over a couple of days to achieve the colour you would like to be and I had no patches or streaks on my body which I think is really important when you are applying this yourself.


If you do purchase this tan shake the bottle each time you pump to get an even colour.  They also do a mouse tan remover.


I think this tan is a bargain for only £14.99 and I have seen it in buy one get one free a couple of times in Boots or Superdrug


Blog By Rebecca S

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