Devine Hydra Gel’ lip Mask ??

I really enjoy trying the weird and wonderful products you receive in monthly subscription boxes. Occasionally it does lead me to purchase the full-size product or I will purchase the product again which is why the boxes are good for people that don’t want to buy loads of random products to try.

This week I tried the ‘Devine Hydra Gel’ lip mask from the Glossy Box subscription. The product states:

  • Plumps
  • Tightens
  • Smooths
  • Hydrates


You receive 2 masks in the envelope  – this is always a bonus.

The masks are in foil with a clear seal so you can see the oil/gel that is on the mask. The feel of the mask is like a floppy silicone foot gel pad (the only way I can describe this) and is in the shape of a large pair of lips.

The instructions are to leave on your lips for 10-15 minutes.  The before and after pictures show the results……..


  • Plumps – for around 15 minutes
  • Tightens – it tingled – this was probably plumping
  • Smooths – they were smoother for a couple of hours maybe
  • Hydrates – they were back to being dry within 30 minutes


Personally I would not buy this product to try again however, if your lips were really really dehydrated this would give them a boost but for me it wasn’t the amazing transformation I thought it would be. It was fun to try 😊

By Reb S