Wow Mascara …. have you tried it yet ???

Before I write this, I have to tell you this is the first Loreal mascara I have ever purchased or used.

I watch a YouTube Vlogger called Sophie who reviews a lot of highstreet make up, drugstore and PR packages on her channel. I watch her because she’s really honest which I think is why she has so many followers.

She was reviewing a drugstore look and had been sent the new Loreal Infallible Mascara. She was putting it on and was like wow this is good mascara, her lashes looked amazing after applying this mascara. I bought the same mascara around 3 hours later……….

First of all the bottle is a strange shape and the wand moves. I think this is so you can scoop the remainder from the chunky bottle – or – if you like to bend you wand to put on your mascara you can click and bend it then bend it back.

I only put one coat of this mascara on and the length of my lashes were a lot longer. The liquid is not gloopy so the rubbery brush is smooth over your lashes. The bottle has lasted me well over a month which is unusual for a mascara, I use it every day and a lot of the time use 2 coats. Im still using the same bottle now.

I have been asked on more than one occasion what mascara I am using. I don’t know if all loreal mascara is like this but I was pleasantly surprised by this purchase.