Looking for a New Moisturiser ??

Looking for a new moisturiser I find really hard – I have sensitive skin so I will always look for a non-perfumed cream like Simple.

I googled skincare for sensitive skin and Loreal Hyrda Genius came up. I’ve never really used Loreal products but I can see how popular they are becoming and I do like to try new things.


I ordered the moisturiser which cost £7 from ASOS however I can see after researching, this can range up to £11 depending on which website you buy from and what offers are available at the time.


The first thing I noticed about this product was how nice the packaging is – it would make a really nice gift and the pump bottle is glass so it feels a lot more expensive than a high-street moisturiser.


It says that you can use this day or night – so you wouldn’t require a night time version.

The product itself is like an oily serum and made me think I would dry sticky…….the worst kind of moisturiser……this was not the case.


I used 2-3 pumps which was more than enough. It goes on like an oil but dries like a normal moisturiser.  I was so impressed with it!

I have been using this product for a week now and my skin so smooth and the dry patch on my nose has near enough disappeared.


I do feel that a better moisturiser in winter is always needed so this has been great.

I really wasn’t sure about this moisturiser but now I think I will always have one to hand.

By Reb S