Maybelline Tattoo Brow

Ive wanted to try this product for a while but I was scared how it would turn out.

My brows are very important to me – not because they are amazing in anyway but because I have none.

So anything I do to make them look full has to be 100%.

When I saw this advertised on Instagram a while ago I was so intrigued.

It was the Maybelline Tattoo Brow.

I waited about 2 months to buy this products – waited for all the beauty bloggers to try it first and then when one of my friends said you have to try it

I thought to loose £12 is not a big deal and it will last 3 days on my face – there was no major risk.

So I waited for a Friday night to try this, just so I wasn’t at work the next couple of days.

The product is a gloopy black liquid with a brush the size of a nail polish brush.

It was easier to put on than I thought, I had some makeup remover and cotton buds ready but I didn’t need them.

It goes on as a black block colour and dries in 20 minutes. You can even sleep in this product to get more wear.

I left it on 30 minutes because that’s all I dare! It says leave on for 2 hours for 3 days wear.

I was scared to peal it off and my precious eyebrow hear some off with it but it didn’t.

Under the piece that peeled off was a perfect tinted brow and skin. I could not believe it.  Why did I wait this long to try??

I woke up the next day and I still had eyebrows – I went out and did not need to fill in the gaps of my gappy eyebrows.

The next time I use this I will actually leave on for 2 hours so that I can get the maximum wear.

I envy all the girls you see that never over plucked their eyebrows and can have them ‘shaped’ every 6 weeks.

Now I feel more confident my brows wont come off in the pool on holiday!