Prep & Prime with Mac Primer ??

I recently tried the MAC prep and prime primer, I received this in my beauty advent calendar so this was a smaller size to what you would purchase at the counter. I have always loved MAC products but when you have other commitments like children and bills you cant always justify £30-£40 on a make-up product – I feel. This is why the monthly subscriptions are so good because you get to try these high end products for a lot less money.


This primer is very creamy – like a moisturiser which I love for my dry skin. There’s nothing worse than a primer that is like paste.


You don’t need a lot of this product at all, you can cover your face with probably a pea sized amount.


I like to test primers when I know I’m out all day and won’t be taking my make up off until late, just to see if they actually work.


I put this on around 9.30am. The texture of this feels amazing on your skin. I felt so hydrated after I had put this on. I was wearing an orangy brown eyeshadow so I put a second layer over my eyes and undereye. If I could have put 5 layers on I would, it’s so silky and soft.  This product also doesn’t dry tight on your skin.


I put on my usual foundation with a beauty blender and concealer under my eye. I set all of this with powder and put my eyeshadow on with a blending brush.


I came home around 9.30pm and took my make up off at 10pm.  My eyeshadow was still really pigmented and had no crease. I only reapplied my powder once during the day and as my skin is oily its usually at least 3 times. My concealer can look patchy after a long wear and this still looked smooth at the end of the day.


I will be treating myself to this primer 100% – I could not fault it at all!


By Reb S