Simple better your face for winter??

Its that time of year, your skin is dry and pale and we cant be bothered to be nice to our skin because there’s not a lot of it on show. I have very sensitive skin on my face so I always try and stick with natural products or perfume free. I have used the Simple range for as long as I can remember and I love how cheap it is for the quality of the product. I will always have the cleanser and light moisturiser at home but I always will look to see what’s come out.
I came back from holiday and my skin became really dry so I looked for a new cleanser and moisturiser. At the same time I bought the Simple eye makeup remover.

Simple Cleansing Oil
So the cleanser is an oil based cleanser and I found that I can only use this at night. If I put my contact lenses in before or after using this product I get the oil in my eyes. I really don’t know how this happens!
You would think that an oil would glide along your skin on the cotton pad but it doesn’t. It fees weird and warm. You can see on the cotton pad that the skin has really been cleansed though which is what I want of a cleanser. Your skin feels very moisturised after which is why I think its better to sleep after using this. My skin still feels nice on a morning.

Simple Gentle Eye makeup remover (cream)
I had never seen this before – so obviously I wanted to try it. I am unable to have any really harsh eye make up removers because my skin will flare up within 10 minutes of using.
Most of the time I do wear a lot of eye makeup so I need a good makeup remover that works. I used this for around 2 weeks on a night before bed and every morning that I got up I had panda eyes. The actual make up remover did not affect my skin at all but I don’t want to be using 5 cotton pads to get my mascara off. If you don’t wear a lot of make up and just need a quick wipe over before bed this product would be great.

Simple Hydrating Moisturising Cream
I love this product! This really does make you feel hydrated. I use this on a morning before I put on my makeup. its feels nice and silky even though it is a cream and not a serum. It’s really helped the dry patches on my skin. I have found it also acts like a primer before my foundation so it would save you money. You don’t need to use a lot to cover your face and neck. I feel that this is a much better moisturiser than the original simple moisture cream which has always been a favourite of mine.



Simple Kind to your skin- Eye Makeup remover From £1.50-£3.79


Simple Kind to you skin -cleaning oil From  £6.99

Simple Clear Skin- oil balancing moisturiser From £4.79

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