The benefits of coconut oil!

There’s been a lot of hype over the past couple of years about the benefits of coconut oil.

Obviously im not a dermatologist but Im going to tell you how I now use this product daily after it helped me with a bad patch of psoriasis.

I have had psoriasis on and off for the last 8-9 years. It completely cleared up when I was pregnant 7 years ago but now it comes and goes when stressful situations or illnesses arise.

I have had a lot of prescription lotions from my doctor (and I mean a lot).  Around October time of last year I was really stressed at work. The back of my head would just break out and become really sore and flaky. I was looking for something oily without the horrible petrol smell that most of the lotions I have been prescribed.

I came across coconut oil for hair and skin in Superdrug which cost £2.49. Was this really going to do anything? it wasn’t a massive loss if It didn’t. I honestly thought this product was a lot more expensive after seeing it on Instagram and in magazines but I wasn’t going to argue!

I used it for the next week – every night – melting it into my hands and then rubbing on my scalp before bed. After a couple of days my head began to feel less sore and was less flaky.

So then I started to put it on my face – probably 3 times a week. It was cold and miserable outside by this point so my face was very dry. The smooth oil made my skin feel so much better.

I have carried on with this and its now April. My skin feels lovely and my daughter has been using it on dry patches on her face – I think she just likes do so what I do to be honest but her skin is really nice and soft. Theres no harsh chemicals so I know it’s safe for her to use.


It has ended up where I put it on everything:

Dry legs when you shave? Rub some coconut oil into them!

Dry cuticles? Rub some coconut oil into them!

Cracked feet? Rub some coconut oil into them!

Run out of exfoliator? Dry oats, coconut oil and a teaspoon of sugar! Sorted!

Never doubt a product for how cheap it is. Its may just surprise you.

Blog By Rebbecca S

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