The Perfect Concealor ???

I have a favourite concealer which costs £23 and I’ve used it for around 3 years now. It lasts around 9 months so worth the price I would say.

A couple of months ago, a make up artist I follow went live with a new brand called Revolution – sold in Superdrug and online. The concealer she used was a dupe of the Tarte one and cost £4!

Obviously watching a video and real life can be two completely different things so for the price I bought some.

This range of concealer has 25 shades. I chose C3 which is a lighter shade to highlight under my eyes. The product looks like a lip-gloss applicator so you can apply this really easily. I dot this around my under eye but I see people on Instagram do the triangle.

Because there is such a range of colours you can use the darker shades to contour as well as highlight. Or you can buy the same shade as your foundation for extra coverage.

It also small enough to carry round with you should you need to apply more. I rarely need to do this. I set the Product with a setting powder and I find it covers all day.

By Reb S